Anatomically correct medical models reduce your R&D budget

The medical industry spends multi-millions of R&D dollars innovating new medical devices. This worthwhile effort improves, extends and saves lives.

Scientific Art

Mansell Designs saves time and money in your R&D budget and process. We ease the costly reality of developing medical devices through our:

  • Commitment to computer technology that converts MRI data to CAD files
  • Use of proprietary, hydrophilic urethane material, silicone and poly vinyl alcohol (PVA)
  • Hand-crafted mold-making process
  • Deep engineering and manufacturing experience and knowledge
  • Experience working directly with R&D engineers, marketing/sales and doctors alike
  • Industry reputation as a pioneering medical model company

Designing and manufacturing medical models requires equal parts art and science. This combination ensures that details are visually and dextrally accurate.

Our models are handcrafted and scientifically executed to consistently deliver the best model for your testing needs.

Custom-designed products for your specialty market

Mansell Designs creates and manufactures custom solutions through high-quality 2D and 3D models.

We specialize in:

  • Silicone and urethane tubing
  • 2D aorta model with left coronary insert
  • 2D subclavian model with vein insert
  • 3D models that include: Iliac, abdominal aorta, brachial, right and left coronaries with integrated wet table and pump system
  • 3D congestive heart failure heart models
  • 2D pulmonary models
  • Poly-vinyl alcohol veins
  • Camera and monitor system
  • Your custom needs for aortic, limbic or brain models

Our clients achieve their goals time and again with our models. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you too.